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Scribbles Art Therapy Cards

SCRIBBLES Art Therapy Cards©
Twenty art therapeutic prompts for healing through creativity! 
Created by
Catherine Rogers Jonsson, MFA, MA, ATR-BC

Visit the official SCRIBBLES Art Therapy Cards© website.

SCRIBBLES Art Therapy Cards
Created by Catherine Rogers Jonsson

This very special deck of 20 cards encourage exploration and expression of thoughts, feelings and experiences through visual art and storytelling.

The Scribbles Art Therapy Cards© include the following prompts: 
Winnecott scribble, my favorite toy, feelings map, my family as animals,
pick an apple, a person in the rain, me and my family, 3 wishes, danger,
secrets, lonely, help!, outside/inside mask, bully, fighting, I hurt, my hero,
gossip, forgive and a safe place.

  • Easy to use as reference for counselors and mental health clinicians.
  • The cards may be given directly to the client or patient for personal selection.
  • The directives are written in elementary English. 
  • Although designed with young people in mind, the cards may also be used by adults.
  • Each card has a topic on the front side and a therapeutic prompt on the back side.

SCRIBBLES Art Therapy Cards
The Forgiveness Card

 SCRIBBLES Art Therapy Cards© are printed on postcard quality card stock. Price: $20.00 USD plus $5.00 shipping and handling. For EU residents payments are converted to your currency during payment.

Visit the official SCRIBBLES Art Therapy Cards© website!


SCRIBBLES Art Therapy Cards© $20.00

Shipping and handling (2-3 weeks delivery) $5.00




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Scribbles Art Therapy Cards

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SCRIBBLES Art Therapy Cards© are available for purchase at all Healing through Creativity Workshops and online.
Many of the art therapeutic prompts in the cards are experienced in the workshops.

The Outside and Inside Feelings Card

Outside and Inside Feelings Card
Prompt side

Feelings Map Card