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Feedback and Photos

Participants with their Feelings Maps
Portland Art Museum

This workshop is just what I needed to help see that tapping into children's creativity can truly make a difference to their lives.
- Elementary School Counselor - Seattle, WA

Wonderful, experiential, soul-awakening workshop. It was heaven! Thank you!
- MSW Mental Health Clinician - Wasilla, Alaska

Thank you for sharing yourself and your knowledge. I am grateful for the work you do in the world! Hope to get to see you again!
-Mental Health Clinician, LPC - Ottowa, Canada

Jyväskylä, Finland
Healing through Creativity Workshop -Jyväskylä Adult Education Center. Photo by Rune Snellman

Thank you so much for sharing your passion and giving us tools to help children. You are making a difference! -  U.S.Army base, school counselor, Heidelberg Workshop.

Catherine was fantastic and knowledgeable!
- Elementary School Teacher - Baltimore, Maryland

Heidelberg Participants and Catherine Rogers Jonsson

Loved it!  Please do more - Opened many doors not only for working with my students but for creating a better understanding for myself.
- Elementary School Teacher - Anchorage, Alaska

This was a wonderful experience. There was a perfect amount of activities. Powerful.
- Mental Health Clinician, LPC - Anchorage, Alaska

Participant from the Anchorage Museum Workshop

Thank you so much for this experience! It really lit a fire under me to become an art therapist! I came to this workshop to answer that question and it got answered!
- Mental Health Provider - Seattle, WA
Excellent workshop and instantly applicable in my work!
- Elementary School Counselor - Vancouver, WA

The Bridge Project - Anchorage Museum, Anchorage, AK

Absolutely wonderful - you left me wanting even more!
- Elementary Special Education Teacher - Soldatna, Alaska

Thank you very much. I eagerly look forward to learning more about art therapy with kids and exploring some of the suggested resources.
- Marriage and Family Therapist - Seattle, WA

A Safe Place - Art Therapeutic Sculpture
Suquamish Workshop

PSU Workshop - Vancouver Hilton

An amazing transformative experience - I loved it!  Wish it could have been longer!
- MSW, LCSW, Alaskan Social Worker

Healing Children Workshop - The Essence Center
Sofia, Bulgaria

Thank you for sharing your passion, your personality and your life!! - Art Teacher, US.Army Base in Germany, Heidelberg Workshop

Catherine Jonsson at The Essence Center
Sofia, Bulgaria

I anticipate that what I learned in this workshop will result in a transformative experience for the children I work with.
- Elementary Special Education Teacher - Seattle WA.

University of Tennessee Knoxville Workshop

Very enjoyable, informative, provides useful techniques!
- Mental Health Clinician, LCSW - Anchorage, Alaska

Great Training - Very Educational! Thank you for sharing your gift with us. I loved your humor and your vision for ART! 

- Early Head Start Teacher, Suquamish Workshop

Jyväskylä, Finland
Healing through Creativity Workshop - Jyväskylä Adult Education Center. Photo by Rune Snellman

Suquamish Workshop

Outstanding! Phenomenal!  Catherine's passion, knowledge and experience was shown. Excellent presentations. Well worth my time and money!
- Elementary School Counselor - Portland, OR

Participant at the Johns Hopkins University Workshop

A cathartic, inspirational and life-changing experience. Thank you, Catherine.
- Elementary School Counselor - Portland, OR

Suquamish Workshop